Keats Island is a natural paradise. Dozens of varieties of birds visit or live in its trees, the extensive brush or near the shoreline. Many small animals make the their home here and occasionally a larger mammal visits causing waves of intrigue and some concern. Trails crisscross the hills leading past clear evidence of centuries past when Keats was a logging hub and then a homesteading refuge, ending in spectacular views over Howe Sound or the Straight of Georgia.

Keats from the airWe come for many reasons but mostly to enjoy nature in all its marvelous intricacy. The beach on a hot summers day, the cool shade of a fern glade, the sight of an eagle soaring overhead. And what we have we want to keep and we want it for others and particularly for the next generation… and the next. And thus was born the Keats Island Conservation Group. The KICG was born out of a desire to preserve the special places of Keats Island, maintain the natural native environment and enhance access to the experiences that are here. We are a loose group at present that welcomes anyone interested in conservation issues. We are working around issues of invasive species, trail access and development, healthy beach life… the list is as diverse as the environment itself. We are considering forming a society, are liaising regularly with Islands Trust and the Sunshine Coast Regional District and would welcome you and your family to participate. Feel free to contact us and join us!!