33 acre park

For a place that has relatively low population density, Keats Island has very little parkland. There is, of course, Plumper Cove Provincial Park and some small SCRD “pocket” parks in Eastbourne. And when the subdivision of the Baptist camp lands goes through there may be a park (or a private reserve) at Sandy Beach and Salmon Rock (both are currently private), but that is about it.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Except for the “Horseshoe Park”. Set amongst the 10 Acre Estates (thanks to the foresight of the developer), and bounded by Silver Gale Road to the East, Big Amber Road to the North, Treasure Trove Road to the West and Keats Road to the south, this “unnamed” parkland is a treasure for all Keats Islanders. It is a natural oasis of birds, plants and animals. It is a wetland and the gathering place for runoff from the surrounding hills and the source of Silver Creek. It is a playground for some, a haven for many … a public gem.

The KICG is working towards preserving and enhancing this park. As you can read elsewhere, it is the focal point of our efforts to control the spread of invasive holly. We are also working on developing a low impact trail that will run diagonally through the park. Low impact means a natural route avoiding sensitive wetlands, accessible only on foot and using natural materials without disturbance. It will be a place to observe without disturbing nature. Plans to meet with the SCRD to get approval are in the works and community consultation will occur and community help sought. Here is the current version of the plan for the trail through the park: 33 acre park plan

Sympetrum illotum male

Cardinal Meadowhawk

In the meantime, keep in mind a few basic suggestions about the park:

A)     It is a park … not a wood lot or a dump. Please don’t dump or leave any trash or cut trees for firewood.

B)      It is home to many animals, insects, birds, reptiles. Please respect them especially during nesting season.

C)      Leave a small footprint if you go into the park. Don’t deface, don’t litter … leave it so the next person along has the same experience of a natural environment that you had.

D)     Suggest a name. Silver Creek Park? Horseshoe Park?